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A Natural Difference

A Natural Difference- The Science Of Skin Care As Nature Intended. Celebrating 20+ years of innovation in natural skin care. Highly effective for all skin types in combating Acne, Sun Damage, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Dehydrated Skin and Premature Aging.



Eminence Organic Skin Care

Handmade in Hungary since 1958, Eminence addresses a variety of concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Specialized homecare helps you create beautiful skin and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.




 Skin Fitness Therapy- Pure & Simple

Just as your body needs supplemental minerals and vitamins, so does your skin. Skin Fitness Therapy homecare provides your skin with essential daily nutrients.



NanoGreens, NanoReds, NanoPro,NanOmega & NanoMeal

NanoGreens and NanoReds are healthful, great tasting supplements that supply the health promoting phytonutrition antioxidant power of more than ten servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. NanoPro, a great source of whey protein and colostrum promotes immune system balance. NanOmega supplies the good fats that can only be obtained in the diet. They support many biological processes such as inflammatory responses, immune and brain functions and normal blood lipid levels. (triglycerides). I start my day with a fresh fruit smoothie made by combining NanoGreens or Reds, NanoPro and NanOmega with the fruit in the blender. It keeps me energized and satisfied all morning.



Holistic Touch Skin Care
Linda Normoyle, Esthetician

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The following is a list of additional products,
books, etc. I know will help you in your quest for great looking skin and vibrant health. This section will answer a lot of the questions I'm asked on an ongoing basis. Simply click on anything typed in blue and underlined for more information and how to order.

WATER- Due to the questionable quality of
drinking water I resorted to a Water Distiller years ago. It's very easy to use.

I also like the mineral rich, alkaline water this attractive Water Filtration System makes.

BOOKS- Learn from the experts. I do!

A great "first book to read" for those wanting to learn how to become healthier but don't know where to begin. Slowly transition to a healtier you! Easy to follow. You won't feel overwhelmed or deprived.

America's #1 Guide to Natural Health Remedies -a wealth of information. I'd love to see one in every household!

A Guide to Self-Healing for everyone- another great reference book

Learn about food combining.

Learn the benefits of eating according to your Blood Type.

One of the most dramatic natural healing stories ever told.

Loosing Weight Being Healthy, and Feeling Younger- a lifestyle, not a gimicky diet

Overcome Diabetes the natural way through diet and exercise. GREAT BOOK!

Conquer Fibromyalgia through nutrition, exercise, supplements and lifestyle factors.

Effective, natural treatment for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Learn how to Support your Adrenals - recover energy, immune resistance, vitality and enjoyment of life

My favorite candida book.

Hormonal balance is an ongoing issue most women struggle with. Men, too, have problems and often aren't aware of it. Suzanne Somers , the well known actress, has had great success with the Wiley method of hormone balancing. To learn more about what she does click the two links above. For a Wiley practitioner in your area Click Here

Learn how the colon , the trash can of your body, affects your overall health a must read.

Brenda Watson's Digestive Care Books- natural solutions to your digestive problems

A leading herbalist's tips for women of all ages

My favorite Herb Book - a complete guide to healing with plants

Chinese Herbs - ancient wisdom

Nutritional content of food - more than 3 million copies sold- eat better- live longer

Ayurvedic Medicine- Some remedies from India date back 7,000 years!

Helpful practical information about using plants as medicine.

A raw foods non cookbook- amazing nutrient dense recipes loaded with enzymes

Recipes for your blood type for ultimate health

Simple Ayurvedic Recipes based on ayurvedic (India) principals.

Learn how to cook with stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is a naturally sweet plant and diabetic safe.

You'll like this guide to food additives. It's small enough for your purse or to keep handy in the car for easy access.

A good book on the side effects of popular prescription drugs and the dietary solution to unwanted side effects of medications.


The Mini Trampoline, also known as a rebounder, is superior for lymphatic system health. The lymphatic system lacks a pump and won't work properly without exercise. The trampoline serves as an easy to use pump and it can be fun. I like to put on some good music and dance on mine. Dr. Bernard Jenson taught me how to exercise on the rebounder. See Dr. Jensen's book.

Another thing I learned about from Dr. Bernard Jensen is the value of the slant board. It's great for reversing the effects of gravity, helps memory and brain circulation and much more. I like to do stretches on it. More information can be found in Dr. Jensen's book.

Dr. Jensen, my mentor, was a firm believer in detoxification and colon cleansing to regain and maintain health. Every patient, who came to his clinic for help, had colonics as part of their health enhancing program. For home use, he invented the colema board. His colon cleansing book tells it all and is a must read to understand the importance of colon cleansing. If you prefer to have colonics administered by a professional colon therapist, seek out a professional in your area. Acne sufferers can greatly benefit from colon cleansing.

Resistance Bands are a novel invention that can eliminate the need for a gym membership and are easily transportable so you can take them anywhere. They are definitely worth considering.

Yoga is so beneficial for stress, flexibility, circulation, the respiratory system, balance and overall well being. A quality, non-slip, sticky yoga mat is a must for your enjoyment. This company has anything and everything pertaining to yoga and much more.

Birkenstock shoes have made my feet so comfortable that I forget that I have feet! Seriously! I discovered these great shoes in 1984 and I won't wear anything else unless I have to. For those of you who are on you feet a lot, like I am, please do your feet a favor and give them a try. My feet are still thanking me.

Here in Florida we have a lot of ant problems. I'm a real nature lover but I'd rather see ants outside my house rather than inside. I've discovered a natural insect repellent that works for a variety of unwanted critters. It's safe for use around pets and children. You may want to give it a try at your house.

For making all kinds of smoothies and soups I love my high speed blender and use it daily.

I've had my juicer for over 25 years which also makes nut butters and frozen sorbets. I've replaced a $4.00 screen and thats all!

You may like to grow your own healthful organic sprouts at home. This sprouter is automatic and attractive and here is a link to organic seeds for you.

Dehydrating foods is something else you may enjoy. A variety of fruits and vegetables can be sliced and dried. Or, get creative and try some of the great natural cracker recipes. Foods dried below @115 degrees will still retain their healthful raw properties and enzymes.

Almost everyone asks me about a safe sweetener to use instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners. I recommend one that is a plant with a very sweet taste. It is safe for everyone to use, even diabetics. It is an accepted treatment for diabetes in Brazil where the plant naturally grows.

My favorite cold and flu zapper is another great product to know about. If taken at the first sign of a cold or something coming on, it nips whatever it is in the bud for me and lots and lots of other people I've shared this information with. You have to have it on hand though. So, you don't want to wait until you feel really sick to decide to buy it. Buy it now.


This company offers a complete line of natural cleaning supplies that are non-toxic and so much safer for you and the environment.


Many clients ask me what to do to protect themselves from radiation exposure from cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc. I use EMF Neutralizers that simply stick on so they aren't in the way or an eye sore to look at. I also like my diode that I wear on the left side of my body. It is small and easily fits in a pocket. I also have a polarizer I have placed on the floor under the computer where everything is plugged in.


One of my clients turned me on to a fabulous travel company, actually two, that I feel very comfortable recommending to you. My husband and I took their Amazon & Galapagos Wilds trip in 2008 and will forever be talking about it and reliving all our memories. This company was started by a woman and women can safely travel alone if they choose to. There are trips available here in the US and all over the world. You'll get a discount on your trip, usually $100.00 off per person, but you have to tell them who referred you and give them our names- Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Normoyle and our customer number which is 001044080G in order to receive the discount. So, just click on the blue link above and you'll be able to view all their trips as well as trips offered by their sister company.

Those of you who know me know that photography is a hobby of mine and I'm known to take thousands of pictures on my trips now that I've discovered digital cameras. If you haven't yet discovered the joys of digitals, click here to view the one I'm currently using and others that are on my wish list that are newer and more advanced than mine.


Many people aren't aware that there are healthier alternatives to the highly advertised products, we're all familiar with, that you'll find in drugstores and grocery stores. Some of my favorites are as follows: deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairspray. You can buy my favorite shampoo, conditioner, soap, lip balms, moisturizers, after shave, makeup, sunscreens and mouthwash directly from me at my office.

To thoroughly cleanse my sinuses and nasal passages as a preventative or during illness to relieve headaches, pressure and a stopped up nose, I learned a very effective technique years ago from Dr. Bernard Jensen. He called it salt sniffing. Since then I've discovered a nifty little pot to do the trick. Dr. Oz is recommending these.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.