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At Holistic Touch Skin Care I offer a wide array of facials and treatments to best suit your needs while providing you with comfort and relaxation. Many clients tell me they feel their stress melting away as they enter the relaxing atmosphere of the salon.

I specialize in both making you feel comfortable and getting to the root causes of any skin problems you may be experiencing. You'll learn how your diet and lifestyle habits greatly affect the appearance of your skin. Beautiful skin comes from within.

Through holistic approaches I'll teach you how you can enjoy not only radiant skin but improved health by detoxifying, renourishing, adequately hydrating and ultimately rebalancing your body.

You'll be treated to the many wonders of nature with the products I select for your treatment that not only work well but smell fantastic! The highly advanced delivery systems drive the products into the dermal layer of your skin to produce the maximum results.

I will design a home skin care regimen for you and offer you healthy living suggestions so that you can create a healthy body and skin that reflects your good health. I want you to feel really good about yourself!!!!

I'm excited to share all the wonderful products with you that I've discovered. I'm continually searching for the best. These products speak for themselves. Come in and find out for yourself. You deserve it!.


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